Save conversation sqlite

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i like to save conversations in a sqlite database,

this is what i put in endpoints:

    type: SQL
    dialect: "sqlite"  # the dialect used to interact with the db
    url: # (optional) host of the sql db, e.g. "localhost"
    db: "rasa.db"  # path to your db
    username:  # username used for authentication
    password:  # password used for authentication
    # query: # optional dictionary to be added as a query string
      # driver: my-driver

and this is my agent, in run_app file:

Interpreter = RasaNLUInterpreter("./models")
MODEL_PATH = "./models"
ActionEndpoint = EndpointConfig(url="http://localhost:5055/webhook")
db = SQLTrackerStore(domain="domain.yml", dialect="sqlite", db="rasa.db",username="",password="")

agent = Agent.load(MODEL_PATH, interpreter=Interpreter,

i cant find conversations in rasa.db file :frowning:

Could you help me please, knowing that i use only rasa (without rasax)

Thank you and have a good day

I’m still looking into this but I did this and it works ok for me and creates the rasa.db file. I haven’t setup the custom stuff there yet in that run_app file you are referencing tho, is this your action server code or what is that?

Hi @btotharye is the SocketIO channel configration file.

I think that tracker_store depend on rasa x, could you confirme this?

Yes the tracker store is a requirement for Rasa X and you can pick which one you want to setup, if you don’t select one it should default to the InMemoryTrackerStore

Tracker Stores for info about those

i use sqlite_tracker_store withou installing rasax, not the inv.

Thank you @btotharye, anyway

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