Looking for guides on using tracker stores

Hi, I’m a new user to Rasa and Rasa X. Currently I have set up Rasa X on a Google Cloud server following this documentation. Now I want to work on the database, but I couldn’t (or unable to) find any guide or tutorial on how to use tracker store, such that I can query to database and perform actions based on what’s stored in the database etc. I have found dokumentation on configuring databases, but not so much details on using it. Right now I have setup a PostgreSQL on Google Cloud and added my Rasa X server IP to authorized networks; also I adjusted tracker_store in my endpoints.yml accordingly (url, db, username etc), but how do I continue from here (for example specify what to store to the database and retrieve intent that contain name “greet” (for example)).

Any links to guide and tutorial would be super useful as to guide me how to proceed. I’m trying to store user’s intents and sentiment value to a database, and the bot’s response will contain the intent with the highest sentiment value (which I think is to be done in action.py). Thanks in advance!

Hi @pei the postgresql database is actually a part of the deployment itself, there’s no need to set that up separately (unless you need to for security reasons). As for how to get this kind of information from Rasa X, you can actually query the API to get tracker store information: HTTP API

Thanks for the reply @akelad! Am I also able to specify what information to get stored? Because I need to only store the user intent, sentiment value (and eventually ID). I’m also looking for setting up user profiles, so the bot would greet and ask for some kind of number (ID for example), and from there the bot proceeds depending on if user exists in the database and any existing data etc. Is this possible, if not I was just thinking about an alternative approach where export to and fetch from a csv file (where I store the desired information).