How to respond with a link?

I have used the text to return the link but the link is only coming as plain text.

Hi @sbke_baap, what channel are you using? Link rendering is handled by the front end of your input channel.

How will I know which channel I’m using?

What is your current rasa setup? How are you talking to your bot?


I believe the link format for the socketio channel is markdown format, so something like

at [this link](

Thanks, its working.

when i click on link it opens in same tab. is it possible when i click on link it will open in different tab.

that’s something you’d have to ask the front-end people, so if you’re using rasa-webchat, you would ask mrbot ai: GitHub - mrbot-ai/rasa-webchat: A chat widget easy to connect to chatbot platforms such as Rasa Core

it’s not anything rasa can take care of.

Thank you

Could i use buttons to open a link. How to do this ?

All link-opening happens on the front end :slight_smile:

ok. thanks

hi could you please help me out in opening links in rasa =3.1 ,i am unable to open links in it