How to read user name from the user input

i am unable to read user names

code:- ## intent:name

  • i am {karthik} (name)
  • {savithri}(name)
  • my self {name}(name)
  • {null}(name)
  • {hemanth}(name)
  • {rahul}(name)
  • {giridhar}(name)


  • my mobile number {9618223591}(mobile)
  • {9137125931} (mobile)


  • [0-9]{10}


  • My mail id {}(Email)
  • My email is {}(Email)
  • {}(Email)
  • {}
  • {}
  • {}

regex: Email

  • [@,.com]

Hello @karthik1,

I believe the right format to annotate the entity is [entity_example](entity_name). Can you change all the entities to this format and train the bot again ?

we have to read different user name from chatbot, but it not able read the user name

i have tried but not getting