Username extraction

Hi! What is the possible way to extract the name of the person after they have logged in to their account to a webpage with rasa chatbot without asking the user? Like I want to send a message like, " Hi John, what can I help you with ", after John has logged in to the webpage with his credentials.

Best way here could be you store name into a slot while user logs in & then use that slot in utterances. Example of an intent storing exercise in an entity. here (exercise) is referring to filling entity.

- intent: inform
  examples: |
    - Yes, I went for a [run](exercise)
    - uh huh an hour of [yoga](exercise)
    - yep, I went for a [hike](exercise)
    - Yes I took the dog for a [walk](exercise)
    - Yeah, I played [tennis](exercise)
    - I went [swimming](exercise)
    - I went for [walk](exercise)
    - I did [swimming](exercise)
    - I went for [cycling](exercise)
    - Took a [spin class](exercise)
    - Did some [boxing](exercise)
    - [rock climbing](exercise)
    - played some [basketball](exercise)
    - played [football](exercise)
    - I did a [workout](exercise) video
    type: text
    influence_conversation: false

  - exercise

    - type: from_entity
      entity: exercise

filling slot with entity using form. finally you can utter slot value anywhere you want in story

  - text: "Here's your daily wellness log:\n
            - Type of exercise: {exercise}\n

that {exercise} above is giving us value stored in slot exercise.

You can use similar approach for nameā€¦

Hi @kmanadkat, thanks for the reply. Actually I was wondering if there is a way to extract a name without asking the user as that particular webpage is logged in with his details.