Get Person names as entity from user input

Hello everyone, I am trying to get person names from text, it is working but not 100% accurate, can anyone suggest the best way to do this?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @MariamHar :wave: Can you describe what you are doing currently to extract names for your bot?

Hi @m.vielkind, I am getting person names as entity, lets say we have this user input: My name is Mariam Harfouch.
I want to get only “Mariam Harfouch” and save in entity name: username.
My nlu file look like this : My name is [X]{“entity”:“username”} .
It is working but It is not accurate because sometimes names are identical to verbs or other values in other intents.

One option here is to include the SpacyEntityExtractor in your NLU pipeline. This will leverage Spacy’s pre-trained entity extractors for extracting entities like names that could improve the accuracy extracting names from user messages.

This blog post explains how you can implement SpacyEntityExtractor with your bot:

Using Custom spaCy Components in Rasa