How to make the buttons stay permanently after clicked in rasa webchat?

I am using rasa-webchat UI, when I select any option the buttons are removed and showing the text, instead I want to have the buttons appear permanently without removing them.

Before selecting the choice the buttons are displayed

After the choice is selected the buttons are removed from bot response.

Instead, I want the buttons to be displayed and clickable just like below and it is not used rasa-webchat UI


Use case is, user can scroll up and select the previous choices without having to create a separate buttons for Back, Home, Menu etc Please let me know if this can be achieved in rasa-webchat UI

@bharath-madduri are you using the Botfront rasa-webchat widget? If so, that tool is not maintained by Rasa, so you would have to open an issue with Botfront to provide that functionality.

I have raised an issue on their GitHub. Hoping for a fix.

@bharath-madduri Any luck on the above thread. I am also looking for something similar.

Hi! :smiley:

Rasa botfront / rasa-webchat still haven’t this functionality. You need make a fork and customize react.js code

or, your can use an alternative like: JiteshGaikwad / Chatbot-Widget

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they changed the status to won't fix. But, it has nothing to do with rasa, like @itsjhonny mentioned we have to fork the repo and customize the code and build a file and host it in your server and use it. I am working on that with no luck, so far the webchat is considering it as quick_replies though buttons are mentioned and reactjs is not my cup of tea. If resolved, will post here.

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