How to make rasa-x accessible through a subpath (e.g /rasa) using our nginx ingress controller?

Hello, we have installed rasa-x in our kubernetes cluster. However, it seems that it can only be accessible through a root path (/) if we disable the default nginx and use our nginx ingress controller. Is there any configuration to make it accessible through a subpath (e.g /rasa) ?

Here is our ingress resource that we used but it doesn’t work :

kind: Ingress
  name: "rasa-x-ingress"
  namespace: "rasa"
  annotations: nginx
   - http:
      - path: /rasa
          serviceName: rasa-rasa-x-rasa-x
          servicePort: 5002


Configuration for Rasa X in a case where you wanna use nginx-ingress required more than your example.

The rasa-x helm chart has a ready configuration for nginx-ingress:

You can use it as a point start.

the helm chart exposes rasa-x on root path not on subpath

My point here was that it’s the example that you can take and try to modify in order to achieve what you want.

For example, you can try to use /$2 annotation and a path: /rasa(/|$)(.*).

There is no ready configuration to use subpath for nginx-ingress.

Additionally, afaik Rasa X uses a root path for other components, for example, all static content or API requests use a root path and it might turn out it’s harder than it seems, to use a subpath.

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How can I expose all static content on subpath also?

Facing same problem. Why the path value is not configurable using values.yml file ? Even if I update host path in ingress service, it is creating elb for the root path