Make Rasa X on Kubernetes point to Nginx instead of needing port

I’d like to access the Rasa X deployment by going to just the domain name instead of having to go to “domain_name:8000”. At the moment accessing port 8000 redirects to nginx internal port 30264 so in theory all I need to do is set it up so that port 80 and 443 redirect to port 30264. It doesn’t mention anywhere in the Rasa Docs on how to do this with the helm chart, although it does detail how to do it with docker-compose.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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Hi @ShayVD,

I have a solution for HTTP. Still stuck on HTTPS as well. You’ll need to modify your Nginx configuration:

kubectl -n <your-namespace> edit service <your-instance>-nginx

Then modify the file so your spec has the following port mapping:

  - name: http
    nodePort: 30264
    port: 80
    protocol: TCP
    targetPort: 8080