Accessing trackers and other http endpoints in rasax helm installation

I am running rasa in kubernetes installed using rasax helm chart. I would like to access http apis (Rasa Open Source HTTP API, Rasa Open Source Documentation) to access trackers. If I expose the rasax production service as NodePort I can access all these endpoints using, for example, http://RasaProductionNodeIP:5005/conversations/user/tracker. But this requires changing the service type from default ClusterIP to NodePort which I do not want to do as I would like to have a single entry point for rasa. Therefore, I attempted to access these endpoints from the ingress that exposes nginx service on port 8000.

Now, If I send a request to http://nginxserviceIP:8000/webhooks/rest/webhook then I get a response but if I try to use http endpoints, for example, http://nginxserviceIP:8000/webhooks/rest/webhook/conversations/user/tracker, I get 404 not found message. My understanding is that ingress exposes nginx service which acts as reverse proxy and forwards requests to rasa open source. I tried to read different ingress.yaml files on rasa github but could not figure out how to frame the correct url.

My values.yml file has rest channel declared under additionalChannelCredentials and it’s correct as I can invoke all the endpoints directly on the rasa production service in cluster. So I assume that rest channel is configured and enabled correctly.

Can the http APIs even be accessed through this ingress without changing default installation? if yes, then how do I frame correct urls? Please advise.