How to disable default authentication in rasa-x

Hello, we want to integrate OAuth authentication using Nginx ingress to authenticate to rasa-x and so we need to disable the default login form in rasa-x. However, there is no available option in the rasa-x to do so.

SSO integration (and the ability to have more than one user in RasaX) is an Enterprise feature, I believe:

You might not be able to disable the RasaX login form. (You can use your Rasa password as a query string parameter, bypassing the login form… but that seems like a very bad idea from a security standpoint if you’re going to the trouble to integrate with OAuth.)

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Thanks for your explanation but I think as you already said it’s a bad idea to pass the password in the query param

I have created a new topic i would be so grateful if you can take a look :

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