How to logon through bot for poc purpose

Hi Our client ask us to develop a bot in which user can login through bot by using user name and password and also here password should not be visible to others while typing so i defined following function in for password masking but this function is not executing and goes to next action so can any one please let me know how can i take user name and password(masking) through bot with out depending on nlu data.

program for password masking written in

import getpass

key = getpass.getpass('Password :: ')

After getting user name and password i have to make multiple api calls with lot of parameters taken from output of previous api so can you also please let me know how can i set multiple slots so that i can use them in next api call.

Note: This one is for POC purpose only so we are not considering security now

Thanks can any one please provide solution as fast as possible

Hey @surya1994, you can use FormActions for getting the user name & password and call the API once you have taken the user data and you can validate too.

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Thanks @JiteshGaikwad

i already tried that one but i am not able to know how can i do password masking in forms.If you have any idea can you please let me know

I don’t understand what do you mean by pasword marking?

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sorry yar it is password masking(when ever user gives password it should not visible it should look like **********)

If you have any idea about password masking can you please let me know

So you can do that in your front end I mean the Bot UI. Can I know which UI you are using?

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Hi @JiteshGaikwad

Can we set multiple slots through single custom action…?

Example like this: return[Slotset(“username”:user),Slotset(“password”:pass),Slotset(“registrationnumber”:regnum)]


But you want to mask the password while user is typing right?

I think we are using angular js for front end we have another team which is working on front end

yes after taking user name and password i have to call another action in which i will do api call after that call i will have to take some out put parameters from that call and give this out as input for next api call because of this i have to set multiple slots in action so that i can use them in further

if you have any idea how to do this please let me know

Hey @surya1994 what problem are you facing in using the FormAction?

Hey @JiteshGaikwad

when i am using Forms some times it is showing password as user intent and username as password intent so slots are not setting and directly goes to next action i am not able to understand how to solve this problem.

NLU data:




  • [A-Z][0-9]{6,10}


  • [A-Z][0-9]{6,10}


  • utter_payment
  • affrim
  • user_login_form
  • slot{“user”:“af48289”}
  • utter_slots

this is just an example how my story look like

Here i will take both password and username in forms only


Hey @surya1994 let me try out your usecase I will get back to you once I get some solution

Thanks @JiteshGaikwad

one small question can i set multiple slots in one custom action