Masking in user message- Facebook Messanger

Hey, I want to add Login in my chatbot so I tried with FB login button but it is not appearing on messenger, so I thought to take user credentials on chatbot screen instead to go any other web-page. For that, I want to mask my password like if the user put their password it will not show on screen. On screen it will show like ******, Can it be done through rasa side?

@akelad @Juste @juste_petr @Ghostvv @smn-snkl

I’m afraid not really. You can mask it in the bots message, but not really in the users message without mdoifying rasa_core

Hey @akelad so can I take slots value through flask API like creating a webAPI ask login credentials from user and take those values in slots? If yes can you tell me How?

That would be up to you to implement, I’m not really sure what you mean though. In any case we strongly recommend you don’t ask for login credentials while chatting to the bot, but have an authentication process beforehand

Like If I provide a corousel or card on bot and when user clicks on it that will take user to some other webpage(login page) through flask, store credentials on that page and use them in rasa(store those value in slot). Can I do that?