From action not sets slot


i am trying form action to set username and password and use this variables in api call but it does not sets any value to slots if i did not mention examples for username and password intent in nlu data

should training data necessary to set slots in formation if that is the case username and password may follow same pattern then how can nlu recognize which is user name and which is password

eg: username: af48279 af42876 af56789 password: af12345 ae4321 af7890

if this is the case how can it identify which is user name and which is password.Please help me with this

can any one help me with this

Hi @surya1994 - just so I understand correctly. You want NLU to know whether the user has entered a username and when a password? What does your FormAction class look like?

Also just a note, it’s not great from a security point of view to have users send passwords via chat.