How to mask (eg. xxxx) user input for "password" typing

@akelad: How to mask the password input from the user using “…” or “xxx” as input type as “password” when we use form in FormAction? This is very important as the user credentials shall be protected for financial transactions.

this is something that’s up to you to implement in the front end. i wouldn’t really advise asking for users passwords in a chat though, most of them won’t provide it and also it’s insecure

@akelad, Thanks for your clarification. But still we need to implement the password through the bot as this is for banking industry. Let me try different ways and let you know.


i am also looking for the same if you found solution can you please share with me

What options are you looking at to solve this? I have to accept masked input in the middle of a conversation (I can’t do at beginning). So I was just going to put up a web view in the middle of the dialog. This is quite easy to do with FB Messenger.

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From a security perspective. I would say use account linking in Facebook/Google using oAuth. Much better option.