How to load data from google using rasa

Hello everyone, I’m new here I need some help, I’m trying to build my first chatbot using rasa. I need to know if I can load data/informations that can be used by my chatbot as responses (from google for example), or should I mention all this informations in my domain file?

Thank you in advance

@Fatima Can you explain more what do you mean by google? What you trying to build? What is your data? with some example if possible.

I’m trying to build a chatbot specially for foreigners for guide them to the most popular places to discover in my city and help them to find hotels, restaurants, spa…and tell them some important informations about all these places like location,description,price … All these informations are available in website from I collect all my data Let me give you an example of conversation: Bot : HI, How can I help you User : where can I find Majorelle garden pleas! Bot: Majorelle garden location
… The question is : when the user ask for a place,the chatbot can go to the website and search informations about this place and answer, is that possible and how?

@Fatima I will encourage scrape the data and prepare your own Knowledge base or database, for Bot/User conversation. Even you can use the `Google API check to price it will be costly. For more info check this thread


For the starting, you can see this link: GitHub - RasaHQ/tutorial-rasa-google-assistant: This repository contains the code of the tutorial 'Going beyond ‘Hey Google’: building a Rasa-powered Google Assistant'

I hope it will help, happy learning! Good luck!

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@nik202 I find that will help me a lot Thank you so so much for all : ) !!

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You are welcome! If you need any further help do let us know :slight_smile: