How to make rasa to take the data from the excell

Haii all, I installed the basic Rasa chatbot and i wanted to make the bot to take the data from the excell file which is there in the google drive and should give the output acordingle.

Maybe this doc will help you.

@Mukalingam Heya!

Means, you want to fetch the data or read the data from excel (.xls/.csv) file which is reside on google drive for your chatbot, is that you looking for?

yes exactly.

Do you want to fetch data from Excel as a database (for example to get some information the user asked for), or do you want to convert Excel to data to train the chatbot on (meaning the Excel file has messages and responses)?

I need to fetch the data from excell which is there in my google drive as someiformation required for the used is stored in the excell. In that excell around 15 variables are there the not has to take the data according to the input given from the user from that excell.

Look at Entities and Slots.

Save the information you want to get from Excel in either of those (if you want to save it for a single message use entities only, if you want to save it for the long term use slots as well).

Then use a Custom Action to get the value of the entity (with tracker.latest_message['entities'][your_entity] (ref)) or slot (with tracker.get_slot(your_entity) (ref)).

Still inside the Custom Action, after getting the entity/slot value, you can write regular Python query the Excel file with it.

If you have trouble with querying something from Excel, this is not a problem related to Rasa but to Python. You can look up the xlrd Python Library or search/ask StackOverflow.