How to install RASA on windows 8.1

Hello everyone,

I am new to RASA and I want to develop a chatbot that can advise employees on mental health issues at work laying emphasis on performance and productivity. I wanted to how to install RASA on windows 8.1 and how to carry out this project. I would be grateful if I get the step by step installation of RASA straightaway for that project since new thing will added afterwards like employee health datasets, so I want the installation of RASA and RASA X for particular updates later. Thank you

hey @Avishai, Welcome to the Community. You can check this video it will help you:

For Rasa:

For Rasa X:


Thanks @JiteshGaikwad, I will have a look and see whether it is functioning.


Hi Jitesh, I am new with python. Getting difficulties to install RASA. Where should I begin installation in command prompt, especially pip installation and also about the path of the folders for RASA setup. Could you help please ?


hey @Avishai, have you installed the python?

Yes, it was already installed before since I am doing w3schools tutorials on PyCharm to know Python.

This is where I have installed the python.

How should I tackle the pip installation and RASA.

And also I wanted to know whether to install RASA or RASA X directly to build the chatbot that will help me to advise people on mental health issues, maybe I will be taking dataset from Google or real data to test accuracy of the chatbot.

Thanks Jitesh