Hopeless Noob who Successfully Installed RASA Open Source & RASA X on his MBP promoted to Noob

Thanks to @koaning 's excellent RASA videos on YouTube I was able to install RASA Open Source and RASA X. Now learning about Conversational Data Development (CDD) :v: :nerd_face: :v:

I’ll gladly help you out.

Just to understand what steps you’ve done. Have you followed one of our installation videos? Here’s one for MacOS, one for windows 10 and linux.

Hey Vincent, I’m all set thanks to one of your videos on Youtube!

I’m on an MBP running Catalina.4

Everything’s working. Just getting to know it. Looks great.

If I had a few questions along the way, would it be okay if I emailed you for the occasional word of advice?

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It’d be preferable if you could use the forum for that. That way other people might be able to learn too. You can ping my user-name and I’ll gladly check in.

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okeydoke. will do.

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