How to get input from user in the middle of FormAction

Hi, I’m using FormAction to collect information from user and filling few slots with that. Below is the screen of action file: image For “Reason_ar” slot I need to collect input from 5 pre defined options but if uses selects “other” as a reason, in that case only i want to collect open ended text message from uses. Any idea how this will be done ?

Check Justina tutorial on forms. You’ll need to add some custom logic like in the example:

def required_slots(tracker):
    # type: () -> List[Text]
    """A list of required slots that the form has to fill"""

    if tracker.get_slot('Reason_ar') == 'other':
        return ["FromDate_ar", "ToDAte_Ar", "FromTime", "ToTime", "Reason_ar", "OtherReason"]
        return ["FromDate_ar", "ToDAte_Ar", "FromTime", "ToTime", "Reason_ar"]

For the open ended text message, you need to add this in your slot_mappings:

"OtherReason": self.from_text(intent=None)


Thanks for reply, will implement this and get back if something comes up. :smiley: