How can i fill the slot in Form action with any random text response

I need to use Actionform and after every utterances i would like to save the response text as a slot value , i have tried the custom slot mapping self.from_text() but its not working i think , and the error occurs failed to extract slot value , and one more thing is their Got mapping in the cmd on which actions is running with debug , is Got mapping ‘{‘type’: ‘from_entity’, ‘entity’: ‘name’, ‘intent’: [], ‘not_intent’: [], ‘role’: None, ‘group’: None}’ , i am not getting why the type is from_entity , i have written only self.text_from, help me with this , please guide me with a better solution as i new to rasa . Thank you

Hi @Panka_Patidar. Would you be able to share the implementation of your form action here so that I could look into it and potentially spot an issue?

class Registrationform(FormAction):

def name(self):
    return "Register_form"

def required_slots(Tracker):

    return ["name", "surname"]

def slot_mapping(self):
def submit(self,dispatcher: CollectingDispatcher,tracker: Tracker,domain: Dict[Text, Any],) -> List[Dict]:
    return []

This is my custom action form class , with the slots name and surname Thank You @Juste

@Juste , please do reply , hoping for the solution Thank You

Hi @Panka_Patidar, can you please share the slots section of your domain.yml file?

Hello @kearnsw here is my domain slot section

slots: name: type: text surname: type: text Gender: type: text

Thank You

Try the following for each slot:

   type: unfeaturized
   autofill: false

I have tried it , but doesn’t get any result , actually it is extracting on the basis of entity only , not as the text

are you using mapping policy?

Yes , i am ,but not for this particular

look into this link it will help Slot Filling using from_text