How to get a good grasp of how Rasa operates?

I was wondering how the story flow handles internally by rasa open source project? Because, it seems to me that Rasa executes some hacky code under the hood to make a story flow work as correctly as expectly. However, in my opinion, when I read the Rasa docs, it appears to me that the docs is more about how to use Rasa framework, not about the inner workings of the rasa framework. A rasa story (written in an YAML file) follows the story as defined, stepping through intent, action, intent, entities, action, action. Quite interestingly, sometimes, Rasa yields its process to rules.yml as instructed. However, I don’t seem to find how the Rasa framework get it done.

So, in short, I was actually interested in the implementations details of the Rasa stories flow. Like, from my purview, it is almost impossible to define all the story paths in stories.yaml file. And the Rasa, I guess, use the transformer model to propagate the next reasonable actions using the prediction scores. So, If I would like to get some pointers on how a rasa stories work, and to do so, what sources (or references or source code) I should give a try.

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In general, to answer your question, the docs provide clues for how Rasa operates. The YouTube videos offer some great detail about how Rasa and its models work. And for any other details, please refer to the Rasa source code.

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Ok, done!