How to authenticate rasa x guests with user name & password

Hi :), I am running rasa x in the local mode on a server and have generated a guests’ link. and it works fine. I want to authenticate the rasa x guests … so i installed Nginx on the server as a reverse proxy to do the basic authentication. The problem is that the basic_auth in Nginx is overriding the Authorization header which is beeing used from rasa x to curry the bearer’s Token. So rasa x Server is returning error 400 after the basic authentication is done.

Is there a better way to authentucate the guests of rasa x? or how can i fix the problem of the Authorization header getting overrided?

Hi, have you tried ngrok? Ngrok is the recommended way to share your bot in Rasa X local mode.

Please see this guide: Local Mode

Thanks for ur reply @HotThoughts … no i didn’t try ngrok … but i think using ngrok to authenticate would cause the same problem. (i am not sure though) I solved my problem by doing the following: i used the Widget “rasa-webchat” instead of rasa x guests link and then authenticated the websocket connection that is used by that widget using nginx … and that solved my problem for now (also did some portmapping and firewall stuff to ensure that the guest link or the http api of rasa is not accessible) I am sure that is not the cleanest way to do it :slight_smile: