How to find out what action(s) each policy predicted?

I’m working on improving how certain policies (e.g. TED) choose an action or actions (for example, by varying TED’s configuration). To help with that, I need to know what action each policy predicts and with what confidence. How do I find that information?

Using the “predict” HTTP API I can see the list of predicted actions and confidence for each but I don’t see how the individual policies contributed to building that list.

Is there any way to do this without testing each policy separately? I.e., by having just that one policy in the “policies” section of the config.yml file.

Thanks! John

Hi John,

Turn on the --debug option and the log output will show you the predictions.


Thanks Greg. Maybe I’m missing something but I see only the predicted action for the policy which ended up having its action used. Where in the debug output does it show all the other policy predictions and each of their confidences?