Send predicted action from custom keras policy to the user

I have created my custom keras policy to train the model and predict the system action. I have created vector transformation of inputs and outputs. Then I map the outputs conditioned on that input. After training the model, I predict the output given states information of inputs.

Rasa uses probabilities of an action for every policies in order to execute an action (rasa/ at master · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub). I want to send the predicted actions from my custom function to the rasa chat server.

Is there any option to do this in Rasa? Could I get help to solve my problem?

@shiv to be clear, is your question whether you can use a custom policy? If so yes, you can create your own policy module as I assume you already have and reference it in your config.yml policies:

via sth like

- name:

@erohmensing Thanks ! Rasa core is able to predict the actions from my custom keras policy.

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