Run Rasa X on HTTPS


I enable https of rasa core with the below command and rasa core is now running on HTTPS.

rasa run --ssl-certificate <.crt> --ssl-keyfile <.key> --enable-api -m models/


But when I am trying to do the same stuff with rasa X then still its showing running on http://localhost:5002.

rasa x --ssl-certificate <.crt> --ssl-keyfile <.key> --rasa-x-port 5010 -p 5011

How can i run Rasa X on https?

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@Anand_Menon: Have you worked on this earlier?

Hi @ricwo,

How can I run rasa x on https without docker?

Thanks, Harsh

For people new to this discussion, please check out this GitHub issue: Run Rasa X on HTTPS · Issue #4703 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

In summary:

  • Running rasa x on HTTPS is currently only supported on Rasa X EE
  • Check out step 9 here for how to put everything behind https Deploy to a Server - you just need to provide some certs

Thanks for the reply.

But i dont want to run rasa x on docker.

As I start my rasa core with certs file it is running on https now as same I want to rasa x on https.

I used below command:

rasa x --ssl-certificate <.crt> --ssl-keyfile <.key>

As far as I know, this is an Enterprise feature.

@kapoorh Why not front end Rasa X with nginx to provide https?

Yes I did it with nginx, but while doing Training it throws an 500 Internal Server Error on api/projects/default/models/jobs.

Sounds like your missing a redirect for the API endpoint. Here’s a fragment from my nginx.conf.

server {
  listen 443 ssl;

  location /jokebot/webhooks {

  location / {