Need help to deploy rasa bot to Azure/AWS

Hello Friends,

Iam looking for help to deploy my rasa open source chatbot to Azure or AWS and get a public URL. If anyone has already done it please help me by giving steps or email me at I shall be really thankful, i have been struggling since last week. Steps which I have already done

  1. My bot is ready and running on local machine, it has action server as well.
  2. I had created one docker file and an image, referring to rasa tutorial -> Deploying Your Rasa Assistant
  3. I had create docker compose file, refering to rasa tutorial -> Deploying a Rasa Open Source Assistant in Docker Compose
  4. When i run docker compose file using command docker-compose up the bot runs fine (in my local machine)
  5. I had pushed the action server image to docker hub and also pushed the docker compose file to Azure using Web app for container (to get public Url), the web app for container fails to recognize the docker compose file saying there is issue in format of file, while same file is running perfectly fine in my local machine.

Followed this article as well but article seems incomplete -> Rasa Chatbot in Azure Web App For Containers | by William Galindez Arias | Medium

Have been looking at lot of articles since last week, Any help would be really appreciated.

Hi @analyticalgagan,

Can you share more details related to your issue?

  1. Screenshots or exact error message that you can see in Azure
  2. The docker-compose file that you use to create a web application in Azure

Best, Tomasz

Hello Tomasz,

I’m looking for standard set of instructions to deploy a working rasa chatbot to Azure/AWS.

If anyone has done that, i would really appreciate if clear cut steps can be shared in this post. Apart from me it will help many others in the future as well.

Please don’t take it otherwise, discussing on error message will just divert the topic.

Thanks, Gagan

Struggling since last 15 days… not yet got the solution if you know the solution pls let me know

Finally I published the bot to Google Cloud Platform.

Following are the tutorials which i followed to publish bot to GCP

It will take few days for you to understand it completely, please spend some time and you will learn bit about docker as well. This tutorial is very well explained.

Once you are able to run your bot and get a global IP. First of all make it static and then if you want to replace this IP with a proper URL name or some domain name (with HTTPS) then that guidance is given in below tutorial

Note - This would take good amount of time to understand and connect the pieces, so make sure to keep few days aside and understand this properly.

Will you share the dockerfile and docker compose file?

Hello @sumit2498

In my case I had done following extra things

  1. I haven’t published UI code in same project (it is separate)
  2. I had taken domain name from and issued certificates from certbot 2.1) so you will see port 443 in nginx file & steps to copy certificates 2.2) Also extra step has been added in docker-compose for certificates & port 443
  3. I have logic in my bot to connect to azure SQL and hence you will see some packages present in actions Docker file

requirements-actions.txt (73 Bytes) docker-compose.yml (785 Bytes) Dockerfile (987 Bytes) nginx.conf (856 Bytes)

In case you need more help you can write to me directly at and then we can connect.

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@analyticalgagan sure! Thanks for helping. i’ll reach out to you directly on your email if required