How to delete user conversation in Rasa?

Hello friends,

I had been using Rasa with docker swarm deployment using latest images + PostgreSQL. I had been training my model using the Talk to your bot option and my model seems to be good.

Now I’m moving forward to check the integration with slack,messenger,etc. But I’m facing a problem where I can not restart my conversation. I was trying to delete the conversion directly in my database, but it may end up in a complete mess because of the foreign keys and other dependencies.

In this case, which the best practice to delete the conversation of a user? in this way I can run better tests for my slack interface and messenger interface.

Thanks in advance.

You can restart by sending /restart to the bot (in slack, with a space in front because of slash commands) – make sure you also have the MappingPolicy in your configuration!

Hi @erohmensing

thanks for your answer, it solve it.

And yes I was trying to use /restart but it was just showing Slack commands and it was not working properly.

The command /restart would apply to other different platforms? Messenger, RocketChat, WhatsApp?

thanks in advance

Hm, it should if it’s been supported correctly – if not that’s something we should fix :sweat_smile:

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Great, thanks!

Hi @erohmensing

I had been checking with different platforms, and I realize with RocketChat is not working the /restart it still get it as a rocketchat command.

What could be done in this case?

Hey @alebeta90, does rocket chat have any suggestions for what to do in this case that we could follow? E.g. in slack:

/restart is not a valid command. In Slack, all messages that start with the "/" character are interpreted as commands.

If you are trying to send a message and not run a command, try preceding the "/" with an empty space.

Hi @erohmensing

I’m writing them, let see what can be done :slight_smile:

I mean, we can still make it work the same way as e.g. slack, but the issue is that there is no message to the user of how to proceed to get it to work :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi @erohmensing

sorry I didnt get it before hehe. Now I understand what you mean. I dont really know, maybe it could be something similar to slack. But maybe we could ask them how to proceed with that?

Yeah I think it is great if you suggest to them to prompt the user how to proceed with their input in a similar way!

Hi @erohmensing,

I got some feedback from some people at rocketchat community. And one common use case, would be to use !restart. But I guess Rasa should be configure to accept such command. It is possible to configure my RocketChat channel connector to work with ! ? thanks

Hi @erohmensing ,

A moment ago someone from my team made a pull request with a proposal to use another way of sending the command using !/restart

This is the link to the pull request Optional Prefix for commands by seanog8 · Pull Request #4556 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

All the best