Slack Integration issue

Hi All

I have integrated with the rasa with slack and it is working fine. I am using the below commands in node js before making the chat with bot. After finishing a chat with my bot i have stop the below commands and again start it and place the in slack api and refresh the slack and make the fresh up. Is there any way or how to do it after finishing one set of questions to start the next set of questions.

python python -m rasa_core_sdk.endpoint --actions actions ngrok http 5004

Short : Is there any way or how to do it after finishing one set of questions and next set of questions with out stopping & restarting the above commands. Pls let me know if my question is not clear.

Thanks Kamesh

Hello @kamesh,

Normally there is a command to restart the conversation like /restart in Rasa X, but if you enter that in Slack, it’ll think that you are trying to execute its own command so that doesn’t work.

When i was using slack with Rasa, i would put action_restart at the bottom of any story that i felt like the conversation should end there or it’s okay to change to new topic or new set of questions. It’s not a good practice though since all the slots will also get reset i guess. But if you want to test different set of questions that don’t use the same slots, then that might be a work around.

Or you can also try using Rasa X.

I think that adding a space before /restart (as recommended by slack: If you are trying to send a message and not run a command, try preceding the "/" with an empty space.) actually is handled correctly as /restart in the slack channel :slight_smile: