How to clear Talk to your bot conversation

Hi All,

Could you please tell me how to clear you “Talk to bot conversation” in Rasa x.

Thanks and Regards, Ankit Singh

Removing the .db files will hep but I am not sure you want to start over - it will remove all history of conversations and other config, not only the Talk to your bot ones.

clicking on the restart (version 1.0) helps

EDIT: Apologies, I located earlier posts saying that this is intentional. Cheers

Original: I second this - any way to restart the conversation? I wanted to do a demo video of my bot in action, but will be quite strange if I don’t start a new conversation :confused:

You can use the restart button provided in right bottom but this will not clear the conversation. For removing the conversation you need to delete tracker.db file then it will work fine.

Hope this will help.

If your goal is only showing your bot’s discussion capacities, you can :

  1. Generate a link for test users (in your left panel : go to Models then click on the sharing button next to Upload model in the top right corner)
  2. Go the generated link
  3. Open your browser terminal, go to Application => Local Storage and then delete persist:root item
  4. Refresh the page, you should have an empty chat window
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Oh, that’s the thing, yes! Thank you!

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For those like me :neutral_face:, who do not know how to do in chrome:

  1. go to Rasa X tester tab (link from Rasa x model)
  2. right click
  3. in menu scroll to the right, find ‘Application’
  4. Delete persist:root

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Hi everyone,

is there an easier way to reset and clear the conversation. This is very hard to communicate with my client.

Thank you in advance,