How to deal with users sending multiple messages before the bot can answer?

We’ve had several cases of users either talking too fast and sending multiple messages before the bot has time to respond to the first one. That happens even more often for actions that are a little bit slow to execute (when searching something through an API for example).

How do you deal with these in your stories? The problem is that if we add multiple intents in a row (see toy example below), I’m afraid the bot would learn to predict action_listen when it should take an action.

Do you have any best practice?

Thanks a lot for your input! Nicolas

Hi @nbeuchat, do you use a custom front end? The best way to handle this would be to lock it so that users are not able to press the send button until action_listen is predicted (e.g. this is how the shell works)

Hi @erohmensing! Unfortunately no. All of our traffic comes from Facebook Messenger.

What if the user wants to complete his message in the second message? I mean there are several cases that can be considered!