Timed action_listen

Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask if anyone has a similar use-case where you would need a timed action_listen where the bot would wait for a number of seconds (let’s say 15) for a user response, then triggers a certain action if no response is received within this time frame.

Has anyone done anything similar?

Hi @snek! Thanks for bringing this up!!

Not exactly a timed action_listen but have you looked into reminders? There is a reminderbot for examples aswell! Hope this helps

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Actually, that just might work! I would just not let the dispatcher send any messages, set the time for a 5-10 second delay, then return whatever I want my bot to respond with after those 10 seconds of silence using FollowupAction. I suppose one issue here would be that the user may still say something in those 10 seconds with a different event, which activates a different action, in which case I would want my follow-up action to be cancelled.

Update: Just noticed that this option exists with reminders:

kill_on_user_msg: Whether a user message before the trigger time will abort the reminder

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