Bot repeating same reply continuously

Some times my Bot repeating the same reply continuously . What is the reason.

There may be problem with stories you have created. After replying bot is not listening to user rather it keeps giving utterances. You may be able to rectify this behavior by developing more stories through interactive learning.

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Hi @Bhanu , Thanks for responding. This problem not occurring oftenly . Problem in stories means what.

I meant that your bot does not call action_listen after uttering a response due to which this behavior may exist. So, you can recreate some stories where this type of behavior is shown (through interactive learning) and add action_listen where ever you think a user input is required.

Hi @Bhanu , I have used the Buttons , facebook carousels. in my custom actions. While running interactive learning. Buttons are not supporting in cmd prompt of interactive shell. which gives Error: send_text_with_buttons() got multiple values for argument. Now where can I do the interactive learning.

hey @Chaitanya,

I think you should create a separate thread for buttons issue as it is not related to the title of your post. So if you would create a separate thread, other users would be able to help you regarding that issue.

You can also try rasa x for interactive learning if you think that problem exists due to cmd not supporting the buttons.(Although cmd supports buttons that are mentioned in the domain file)

Lastly, if my previous replies helps you to correct the behavior of the bot, you can then mark it as solution, so others with the same problem might get benefited.

@Bhanu , response repeating issue is not yet resolved. I tried with interactive learning but fb buttons are not supporting. Is there any other way to check action_listen is calling or not

Do you have a store tracker? If you do, check the events. Sometimes the webhook returns multiple times the same messages.

Hi @Gehova , Thanks for response. How can we resolve this issue when webhook returns multiple times the same messages.

@Chaitanya, if you are not able to use interactive learning, I would suggest you to include action_listen to your stories file explicitly after each utterance where ever you want to listen to the user, and then retrain the core model.

@Bhanu , @Gehova , What is the correct reason. Webhook or action_listen not calling.

I’m not sure, that’s why I mentioned the store tracker. By checking the events, we can see whats going on.

Hey @Chaitanya, it would be better if you check the events first as advised by @Gehova. If that is not the reason, then you may do what i suggested. In this way you may save time in resolving the issue.