How to create rules for input validations in RASA Core

Hi All,

I am trying to create conversations with embed rules. I have seen rasa add_ons give an option to write some rules which help you to validate the user inputs .

input_validation: ** - after: utter_when_do_you_want_a_wake_up_call** ** expected:** ** - intents:** ** - cancel** ** - intents:** ** - skeak_to_human** ** - intents:** ** - enter_time** ** entities:** ** - time** ** error_template: utter_please_provide_time**

However when i try to use such rules for my use case i don’t see it happening. I have substituted Agent with Super Agent and installed Version 11 compatible add_on given here GitHub - mrbot-ai/rasa-addons at rasacore-0.11-support. However i am unable to get this work. Can anyone help me figure this out?. Am i missing anything?.

Regards, Asheesh Janda

Not sure about the rasa addons as we don’t maintain that. But for input validation we’re currently working on forms v2 which allows you to do this:

Hi @akelad Thanks for your response. Any tentative date\week of release of this feature?.

Regards, Asheesh Janda

Probably the next 2-3 weeks

Thanks alot for the confirmation @akelad.