Problem with policies

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I am having a problem with my chatbot. I created a new intent in the nlu file, like this:

  • intent: reason_for_pressure examples: |
    • my parents
    • myself (etc…)

and then I added the intent in the intents part in the domain file. After that I created an utterance for the bot to respond, like this:


  • text: “Why do you feel like you have pressure on you?”

and then I added both to a story:

  • intent: reason_for_pressure
  • action: utter_why_reason

However, the bot is not providing an answer for reason_for_pressure, and it looks like it is because I dont have a rule for that. I still have all the default policies and I am trying to use as little rules as possible, but now everytime I add an utterance it is not working without creating a rule. Can someone help me with this?

Without looking at your repo, it’s hard to say. Make sure you run rasa data validate without errors.

I think you should start by copying the example moodbot. Make sure that works for you and then add your intents/rules/stories.

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