Intent without format

I want to create a conversation but in a part of conversation the intent must be anything, is there any form to this ? example: user->hi bot-> hello can i help? user->yes i need help with my computer bot-> write your name and your phone. user -> anything 555555 (anything in this part) bot-> ok, a person contact with you

You need a form. I also recommend that you separate “write your name and your phone” in 2 questions, this way you can validate that the phone number is actually a phone number. You need a mapping function like this one:

def slot_mappings(self):
	return { "name": self.from_text(intent=None),
		"phone": self.from_text(intent=None)}

thanks Gheova, is thre any form to the person intent with anyword and the bot reply?

What do you mean? Could you give an example?

example: user ->hi bot->hi user-> anything, any example, anyintent bot-> utter_bot

Not for any intent. In your example the intent “greet” should have a response utter_greet". The same for all your intents. For everything else you need to use the fallback actions:

thanks really thanks