How to create response variations from a custom Action?

Hi all,

I want to create response variations from a custom action in, instead of domain.yml.

I tried to create a list inside def run:

response = ['hello!', 'hi there', 'hi again']

and then used a random.shuffle function to send back a response:

                text = random.shuffle(response),

This does not work and I get None in response.

How can I solve this?

Hey Maria,

This is more of a Python question than a Rasa one.

random.shuffle() (try it) shuffles a list, meaning it reorganizes its items. It does not randomly take one element.

Instead, you can shuffle the list and take the first element:

dispatcher.utter_message(text = random.shuffle(response)[0])

or use random.choice() (try it) which is the method you’re looking for:

dispatcher.utter_message(text = random.choice(response))
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Silly of me to think it was related to the dispatcher element… Thanks for the heads up @ChrisRahme!

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@ChrisRahme Chris rock!!

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