I want to create chat bot which should not repeat same answer if the same question is repeated

Can Any Tell me how to create chat bot which should not repeat same answer if the same question is repeated Basically As per my knowledge I can use multiple response text for every utter_response but In this also there is no surety that we will get different response everytime if the same is asked since it pick random text from response from domain.yml. So Can anybody suggest how can I acheive it.

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So we need create custom action for every intent Correct ? Is there any way to create one common custom action for every intent? Thank You

Why would you want to do this? It completely removes the AI part of stories if all intents will call the same action.

But you can all do it in one action if you really want to…

from random import randrange
import json

class ActionReply(Action):
    def name(self):
        return 'action_reply'

    def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
        intent = tracker.latest_message['intent']

        replies = {
            'greet': [ # for intent greet
                'hi!', # 0
                'happy to see you.' # 1
                'hope you\'re having a nive day.' # 2
            'goodbye': [ # for intent goodbye
                'bye!', # 0
                'hope to see you soon.' # 1
                'have a nice day.' # 2
        already_uttered_all = json.loads(tracker.get_slot('already_uttered')) # Dictionary of intents and their replies
        already_uttered = already_uttered_all[intent] # For example [0, 2] means the first and third sentences were already uttered for that intent

        if len(already_uttered) >= len(replies[intent]): # If all the sentences were already uttered, reset
            already_uttered = [] # Reset the slot

        random_index = None
        while (random_index is None) or (random_index not in already_uttered): # Do this until we get a random_index that was not uttered
            random_index = randrange(len(goodbyes))

        utterance = goodbyes[random_index]

        return [SlotSet('already_uttered', json.dumps(already_uttered_all))]

You could create your own NLG Server

Hi Chris,

I have a question about this, if you write an action like this. What causes it to trigger for every intent?