Multiple response

Hi. How I can get three best options of answer (answer of different intention) for a message in rasa. is it possible?

Hi @csgomezg0 can you elaborate with example?

I mean, I put a message: ‘what is water’, Then I have five intents, each intent whit an answer. This can be:

  • intent1
  • intent2
  • intent3
  • intent4
  • intent5

Responses: utter_intent1:

  • text: answer1 utter_intent2:
  • text: answer2 utter_intent3:
  • text: answer3 utter_intent4:
  • text: answer4 utter_intent5:
  • text: answer5

I want get for my input ‘what is water’, three possible answers, the best and in order. This can be:

  • answer 2
  • answer 4
  • answer 3

do you understand me?. thanks

@csgomezg0 Yes, I got your use case. Do you have any database for the responses or you planning to do it manually?

I trained a model in rasa, with a database of questions and answers but this data is not public. I get an answer in python from my model with:"hello"))

but this code give me only one answer. I need three.

@csgomezg0 Please see this thread, hope this will solve your query.

Thanks for your help, I will try that.