How to create a new conversion ID via API

Hello, It seems to be very simple but I don’t understand how to handle multiple conversations in Rasa API? I’m talking about not just reset previous conversation and start the new one. I’m talking about multiple users that each has its own conversation. In all API examples required conversation_Id and everywhere it shows default. But I could not find the mechanism to create a conversation ID for every new user who started their own conversation. If I create a random ID the system will generate an error. How it can be done?

Figured this out. Just create a random Conversation ID

Could you elaborate on this answer please? In your question you said you get an error when you create a random ID. I’m facing the same issue.

Never mind, just got it too. You just pass a new value for conversation_id in the request POST /conversations/{conversation_id}/predict right?

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Yes, and I figure this out. If you create a random conversaion_id it will work

So which api are you used to create a new conversion ID?

Hello !

I’m newbie with these HTTP API calls.

I managed to link the API and make a couple of calls.

Now I was wandering if it was possible to generate a conversation with some user inputs to see how the flow goes ?

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Thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

Hello Gays @mjspeck Can you please share some resources, I need to create user based conversation_id that should be same all channels