How start a new conversation each time a user starts chatting

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I have a question with regards to using Rasa Core with the HTTP API. The url is localhost:5005/conversations/default/parse. here ‘default’ is the sender id , based on which tracking conversation created. I noticed that if you start a conversation, the story started and need to complete the story and exit from the story. If you did not complete the story path , it never re-start the conversation and wait for the story to complete. /conversations/ ( str: sender_id ) /parse. if i pass the id dynamically and start the chat conversation for 10 people, next day if i have to pass the same id to start the conversation , how to delete the tracker state. So each and every time a user start it will start fresh with some id and if a user left the conversation in the middle , not complete the story , that id should not hold the tracker information .

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follow this -

and here follow this -

action_restart reset the whole conversation, usually triggered by using /restart

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Thank you for your reply, but action_restart will not work if a user left the conversation(a story) in the middle and then come back again to start new story. as the tracker is maintained for that sender id and it expect to complete the story flow which the user was started earlier.

in this case you will either have to maintain a session for each user id… and will have to end the session after a certain time limit at your client end.

hi,i have the same question, how did you sovle it?

@ibmxiang, @swagat123 and for anyone running into a similar issue.

Just ran into this on my personal project. I was using the rest channel and had a custom webapp to handle conversations, so I had access to change the behavior of the chat module myself. What I did to fix the issue was to send a /restart message on behalf of the user from the front-end on page load, followed by my welcome command (for me it was /welcome{"id": <user_id>}) after receiving the blank message back from Rasa in order to execute filling user information slots while logged in.

It’s not ideal and I wish there was a default action_soft_restart, to clear the conversation without clearing the conversation history in general, but that’s neither here nor there.

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If anyone solved that problem then please let me know.

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