How to change rasa_sdk version? I am using rasa with docker

/app/rasa_sdk/ UserWarning: Your versions of rasa and rasa_sdk might not be compatible. You are currently running rasa version 1.1.3 and rasa_sdk version 1.5.0a1. rasa_action_server | To ensure compatibility use the same version for both, modulo the last number, i.e. using version A.B.x the numbers A and B should be identical for both rasa and rasa_sdk.

Hi, you can download a specific version of a package via pypi:

pip install rasa-sdk~=1.1.0

where the ~= gets you the latest A.B.x version ( you want the latest one, to get any relevant bug fixes, but SDK probably has less of these patch fixes, e.g. there is not a 1.1.3 but only a 1.1.1.