How do you update Rasa?

I just saw the release notes here - rasa/CHANGELOG.rst at master · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub - and would like to update Rasa. I’m currently on 1.2.5 and would like to update to 1.3.0. I don’t see any instructions on how to do this.

is it as simple as

pip install rasa --upgrade


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Hi @jonathanpwheat,

indeed it is as simple as this. Due to a small bug in the sdk, ensure that you use rasa_sdk version 1.3.1 as referred here.

Regards Julian

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Excellent, thank you. I was kind of expecting something a bit more complex :slight_smile:

one more thing real quick (I hope)

I read that issue, so should I run pip install -U rasa-sdk instead of pip install rasa --upgrade or are they essentially the same thing?

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For future me - you can also specify a specific version to upgrade to like this -

pip install rasa 1.10.14

It will find your currently installed version of Rasa and uninstall it, install the version you specified and update all of the dependencies for the version you specified if needed.

Helped thanks

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