How to call custom action for all messages

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I want to call custom action in all of user messages. please tell me how to set config files.

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Can you elaborate what you want to do? Do you want to call one function for all messages or do you have an specific function for each intent?

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I want to call one function for all messages, When rasa received messages, always want to call custom action I created.


Just create the stories like `this:

## story 1
* intent_1
    - custom_action

## story 2
* intent_2

This way rasa will learn to call your custom action for every intent you have.

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Hi Gehova

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Please tell me how to write ?
Is it OK below code ?

## intent_1
- custom_action

## intent_2
- custom_action

In the nlu file, you have example phrases you want to be converted into intents:

## intent_greeting
- hello
- hi
- howdy 
- wazzup
- morning
- greetings program
- top of the day
- watcha

## intent_farewell
- Bye
- cya
- see you later
- tiao
- bye bye
- goodbye
- adios
- catch you later

This defines the intents, that you use in your stories files. You have to declare just the intent names in the domain.yml file.

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I solved my issue.

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