Custom actions

I have built custom action and mentioned it in stories for the intent. But, when I ask a query, the custom action doesnt run. Instead, a default action runs. I want the custom action to run always.

Here is my NLU.MD


  • hey

  • hello

  • hi

  • good morning

  • good evening

  • hey there


and here is my stories file

happy path

  • greet

    • utter_greet

question bot

  • ask

    • action_ans

    • slot{“lst”:[]}

hi @RohanJauhari, if you are running in localhost, have you run

rasa run actions

in a separate terminal. Also run

rasa shell --debug

in another terminal. If you find out exactly what went wrong.

Your stories should be like this :

## question bot

* ask{"lst":"e-mail"}
  - slot{"lst":"e-mail"}
  - action_ans
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