How To Add URLS In Conversation

I am trying to put urls (just like we put images and buttons) of any random website in my conversation but failed…and i can’t find any solution…Need Help

hey @Malik, what’s the error?

Let explain you with the example (pictures that you show below) in which there is a text and image url…but i also want that i put some random website link to let the bot come up with the link whenever that specific bot action performed then i’ll click that link and will land up to that url page…that’s my plan want to do it

Hey @Malik, can’t you send the link in the text parameter?

I can’t understand How can i send the link in text parameter… can you specifically give me a syntax

I mean to say:

  - text: "Check the link here: "

i guess to do that, we have to write an action to call for that site link {link} for the utterance action check the following youtube link for the solution: