How to add link and buttons in rasa

Hey Guys , could anyone tell me on how could we add a button in the rasa GUI chat that would redirect us to a website or another window . For example providing options in the rasa chat as a form of buttons to take us to another tab and can someone also tell me how to provide a URL in the chatbot responses ? Thank you

You will need to implement that in your front-end. You cannot do it in Rasa X.

And don’t use Rasa Buttons, those are made for sending intents. Use your own Custom Output Payload to make a special button which contains whatever information you want.

The rest depends on your programming skills and is unrelated to Rasa. Good luck :slight_smile:

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@SyedBilalHasan Hi, The below suggested code are best fit for rasa webchat (rasa open source) as I personally not implement in rasa x.

For URL:

  - text: |
      We have various products please visit this link [Product] (

Note: The above code will open the URL in the new browser window.

For Buttons:

As suggested by Chris, buttons are used for sending intent but using intents you can payload the URL, this is an alternative solution. Do check again this code; I have only provided you an basic idea.

In domain.yml

   - rasa

  - text: For specific enquiries please select the option
    - title: rasa
      payload: /rasa
    - title: rasa-x
      payload: /rasa_x

  - text: "[Rasa]("

In stories.yml

- story: rasa enquire path
  - intent: rasa
  - action: utter_rasa

If you have any doubts regarding code or idea; do let us know. Hope this will give you better idea and solve your issue. Good Luck!


@SyedBilalHasan Heya. I hope you doing fine? Just a check, is the above suggestion solved your issue, if yes can I request please close this thread as solution for other :slight_smile: Thanks.