Assign URL to a button

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How can I assign a website URL to a button. I need to open a webpage in a new tab while I click the button.

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@Zeusturbo What you want to archive by that?

You mean achieve?

It just a button which leads to a webpage .

i added the url in the payload

But im not sure whether it right approach.

my domain.yml looks like this


- buttons:

  - payload: ""

    title: Google

  text: For Google search

@Zeusturbo Did you followed this?

You’ll need to implement that in your frontend, you can’t do it with regular buttons on Rasa X.

The payload option expects an intent, with optional entities, not a URL.

@Zeusturbo What you can do, however, is use Markdown and markdown links in your regular messages. The rasawebchat or chatroom understand Markdown and will create clickable links. (just not buttons) e.g.

text: Hi, I am a chatbot. [Learn more about Rasa here.](

@nik202 Yes, I did like this previously. but while I click the hyperlink it takes the URL which includes my local storage path. Please see the image below


And the redirected page below

@Zeusturbo no path just this [RASA] (

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My bad. i used the URL without “https”. Now its working. thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not able to find the solution button here.

@Zeusturbo Ok. I told you above. Markdown doesn’t have a button option.

@Zeusturbo Hello! Is this issue solved, if so please can I request to close this thread as a solution for others. Thanks.

hi, yes i solved it. You can close it. Thanks a lot… happy coding :slight_smile:

@Zeusturbo you need to mark the solution :slight_smile: you are owner of this topic.

opps, i am not able to find the solution check box… in this thread. seems strange…

@Zeusturbo change the topic category to rasa open source rather then getting started with rasa or tutorial and then you will be able to see :slight_smile:

cool, thanks, i will do that now… :slight_smile:

done. thanks :slight_smile:

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