How to access data from sqlite database?

I created a sqlite database using terminal in my virtual environment. I had few converstions in rasa x but I cannot see those conversions when written code to fetch data.



but I cannot fetch any data. should I create a table or by default it creates I have no Idea regarding that. Could you please help me regarding this?

My My endpoint and message:


Hi @skjainmiah, can I ask why you want to access the conversations via SQL directly?

I’m a data analyst and I want know what is the user intention. As I came to know that rasa conversations would be cleared after rasa core is restarted also I cannot export those conversations in Rasa X for later use. So I want to access the conversations via SQL directly for later use.

@erohmensing I have solved the above problem. Thank you.

can i know what were u trying to do???..why need to fetch user intention from database

I came across sqllite issue and resolved from switching from wsl to wsl2