How I connect my bot with sqlite?

how let my bot search in sql and give me the informations back?

Hi, you can query an sql database from a custom action

thank you

I’m looking for examples bot project to dowload. Any??

@matheusebrazil Please see this link, this link have project examples, clone it and happy learning rasa.

no examples with database usage.

@matheusebrazil you just mentioned examples bot project, nothing related to examples bot project with database ?

@matheusebrazil Check this GitHub - RasaHQ/retail-demo: Rasa's retail starter pack

Thank you. Without containers how i can obtain the the project folder to run im my env conda?

@matheusebrazil What you mean by container and in which context can you elaborate please.

Using the initial bot, I want acess a sample database to retrieve a information. Example: user input your ID and select query find in database their name and age.